You are now able to get up again with your baby. The time is right to purchase the essential piece of equipment that all parents need: the baby stroller. You will spend a lot time pushing it around and your baby will love it.

You want your best baby stroller to be safe for your baby and easy to store, use, and set up. There are many price options for strollers. Before you rush to buy the cheapest stroller you find, think about your lifestyle and how it will affect the use of your stroller. These tips will help you make an informed purchase when shopping for a baby stroller.

Keep these things in your mind


Safety is the most important thing. Seat belts should be strong and durable, with no sharp corners or pinch points. Although a five-point harness is the best, a three-point or four-point harness may also be useful. Be aware that as they get older, children may become more squirmy and will slide better under a three point harness.


Consider how you’ll use the stroller. Is it something you will only use for short strolls on streets in the city? You will be using it on unpaved trails. You will need to store packages and use it for shopping. Are you a frequent traveler and will it need to be compact?


A stroller that folds down to a small size will be necessary if you travel often.


There are many sizes of wheels available for strollers. You can give your baby a more comfortable ride with larger wheels than you get with smaller wheels.

Stroller frames should be strong and rigid. Some strollers have special hooks that can hold diaper bags. When hanging a bag on these hooks, make sure that the frame is sturdy. A cheap stroller that folds up on top of your baby is not something you want.


You want your baby to be comfortable so you need a stroller that has plenty of padding. Consider your comfort as well. Foam handles make it easier to hold onto during long walks. Adjustable handles allow you to maintain a good posture while walking and prevent wheel kicking.


Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are named so because they have curved handles and can be folded into a small package that can fit in small storage spaces. They are usually cheaper and lighter than other strollers, but they also have fewer features.

Strollers Lightweight

Lightweight Strollers are a step above Umbrella Strollers. Although they may not fold as neatly as umbrella strollers and are more expensive, they are more durable and have a few more features.

Standard Strollers

The standard strollers are the most popular of all the types. These strollers are the most durable, comfortable, and feature all the bells & whistles.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are designed for active families. These strollers are durable and can be used to transport your baby while you travel.

Do you have two or more little ones?

All the strollers mentioned above can be used to accommodate up to three little ones.


Travel Systems

A combination stroller/car seat is called a travel system. To double the functionality of the stroller seat, you can attach it to a car seat.

Car Seat Carriers

Are you already familiar with a car seat that is perfectly fitted for your baby? The Car Seat Carrier is an affordable alternative to purchasing a stroller. Attach your car seat to the carrier (which is a stroller base), and you are good to go.

You can also replace your baby’s car seat with a regular stroller. This allows your baby to move up to a regular-sized stroller seat once they have outgrown their car seat.

Bicycle trailers

Bicycle trailers, like Jogging Strollers are made for active families. You can think of them as a pull-stroller. Some of them can be converted to a push stroller if you don’t want them behind your bike.


Now you have more information on strollers than ever before. Keep the important things in your mind, and keep in mind that not every stroller is right for you. If you don’t have enough money, you will need to compromise.

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