A computer is an electronic device capable of receiving data and processing it using a set instructions to produce visible output that can be printed. Experts discovered that this amazing device could be used to solve complex financial, economic, mathematical, and social problems. There is an overwhelming demand to understand how computers work in today’s highly civilized society.

Computer experts around the globe are very bright and promising, making computer knowledge essential for nearly everyone. Many companies are not willing to hire anyone. Security personnel must have computer skills to be able manage modern security devices that are computerized.

It is fascinating to see that many governments are working with other countries to combat computer illiteracy. They have introduced various computer training programs and ensure that every citizen is a computer master. Computer revolution has brought about great technological transformation in the world. If you are interested in finding out what’s happening in India, America or China, Japan, or anywhere else around the globe, all you have to do is open your browser and search engines such as Google. Then wait for the results. You will soon be connected to the whole world and have all of your information in one place.

If what we have now is only 4.9% of what is possible, can you imagine what the future technological landscape will look like? This humble question will ask you: What is your answer? What will you do when the world is dependent on computers for food, water, bills, travel, business, making payments, securing property, controlling events, preaching the gospel, driving home from the town, diagnosing and treating the sick?

This is not a condition to any ‘peace treaty’, dialogue or agreement. It is a wake-up call to total surrender to computer operation and to learn and master it. If you continue to be a computer illiterate, you will soon become obsolete, out of date, and antiquated. Do you know how to become a computer master? How can you help people with their computer problems? Even if you know how to start your computer, you may not be able to distinguish between warm and cold booting. You friend, you must do something right now!

You can’t master your computer if you don’t first observe to do these things:

Access to a computer is essential in order to be able to practice at your own pace. You should learn one program at a time, rather than trying to combine Corel-Draw and Microsoft Word. This will only make you more confused and frustrated. I am going to tell you that it is better to enroll in a good computer training program than feel dissatisfied and lonely if you don’t have the necessary operation skills. You should read relevant e-Books as well as other materials about computer training as much as possible. You should practice any new operational skills until they become part of your daily routine. Ask for mentorship and questions when you don’t understand. You are a potential computer expert, so spend time daily with your computer.

Michael S. Justice, a young Online and Offline entrepreneur, has relevant skills and vast experience in the IT and computer dependent world. He makes great business decisions and is highly profitable. Sunshine Intercontinental Ventures Ltd is his company. It provides general Car and Tyre security through Car Tracking and Tyre Sealant. This protects against all types of Car theft, punctures and gunshots, bullets and nails. He is the Director of Computer Trainings at Sunshine Intercontinental Computer Academy, a top Computer Training Institute in Adamawa State (Nigeria).

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