It would be unusual for you to think about how you can remember your beloved pet after its passing. At such a tender, full-of life moment, the thought of death is rarely a thought. Although we live our lives as though our Pets Petz are immortal, our hearts know that they could very well die before us.

It was a sad day when Daisy, our adult daughter’s dog passed away. They had been accompanied by each other for 12 years. Our daughter made Daisy 40-pounder warm and comfortable clothing. She was a socializer for Daisy and taught her the finer points of daily life. She cared for Daisy through many illnesses, including the terminal cancer. She arranged for Daisy’s final hours to be picked up by a local veterinarian as she was nearing the end. However, no one could have predicted that Daisy would die in the early hours of the morning. Daisy was able to pass on with the love and support of her human companion, for whom she had been a lifelong friend.

Our daughter fell into deep grief. She woke up the next morning and called her veterinarian. Our daughter was able to hold only Daisy’s memories after her body made its way to the vet’s for cremation. Soon, she realized that she needed a tangible way to remember her pet. We were determined to find a way to honor our pet and we began to look for memorial gifts.


We were astonished at the number of options. Some suggested that the pet’s cremated remains be buried in a pet cemetery, while others suggested erecting an outside memorial. A memorial service is a great way to remember your pet. Others suggested self-involvement, such as helping elderly pet owners with their pets, volunteering at an animal shelter or sharing your love for them with other animals. Although there were many ways to keep your pet’s memory alive after its death, none of them offered the same consistency as Daisy.

Some ideas are right for a goldfish. Some ideas were suitable for either cat or dog. Even after your horse or pony died, there were ways to keep it alive. If you look hard enough, you may even be able to recall the name of an elephant that has died.

Let me share five more ideas that we came up with.

If you have your own land, create a memory garden. You can make it as simple as possible or as elaborate as you like. Place some flowers in a peaceful spot far from the traffic. You can also add a flat stone with your pet’s name on it. A stone or metal statue might be added to represent your pet’s breed. You will always remember your pet as you tend to the garden.

Make a personalized picture frame for your pet. Add the name and a favorite photo. You can either look online for memorial photo frames or choose a frame that you like and add a photo of your pet’s most happy days.

– Make sure you place a box with your pet’s cremains on a shelf. I know of a woman who placed five plain boxes on top of a shelf, two dogs and three cats. A beautiful laser-engraved wooden urn can be ordered with your pet’s photo, date, and name etched on it. A special poem or photo of your pet might be etched on the front of the box.

Reusing your pet’s identification tag is a cost-effective way to keep your pet remembered after its death. It can be added quickly to a bracelet made from leather. Attach the pet ID tag on a keyring so you can take it with you when you go out. You can get one with your dog’s name, and a symbol that will bring back fond memories.

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