You will not lose any money your first time. This guide to World of Warcraft will show you how to make a decent profit so you can spend as much as you want. World of Warcraft, like any other game, requires currency to equip your character and make it more powerful. For trading, the Auction House uses gold and silver. Even if you’re not a veteran, gold farming in World of Warcraft is easy. Linen Cloth is a popular item that sells quickly in the auction house. It can be easily cultivated in any low-level area where you kill certain creatures. Linen cloth can be used to make linen bandages for the First Aid profession. This is useful for characters that are unable to heal themselves. You should be able farm linen cloth from level 6 to 7, depending on your class. There are several types of creatures you can grow, depending on where you started.

If you are an Undead, your best option is to farm humanoid Scarlet Crusaders at Tirisfal Glades near Brill and Undercity. Dun Morogh is a great place to start as a Gnome/Dwarf. It has many targets, including Wendigos and Frostman Trolls. If you are starting out as a Stormwind human, then Elwynn Forest is the best place to go. There you can target Kobolds close to two mines, Fargodeep or Jasperdole. Or Bandits and Humans.

Troll and Orc players should find a companion or group to farm in Ragefire Chasm. Troggs and Burning Blade Orcs drop large amounts of linen cloths every kill. Venture Co. Miners east Thunder Bluff is the best place for Tauren to start out. New Night Elves should farm Sprites, Grells, and Gnarlpines in the Teldrassil region. Blood Elves should start near Silvermoon and target undead creatures such as Skeletons that roam the area.

hemp crop top can be stacked up to 20 times and will usually sell for at least one gold depending on where you are located and the availability of the item. If you don’t have any competition, you can farm for around 100 linen cloths an hour. The drop rate of humanoids is usually higher than that of other creatures. One tip: If you choose to learn tailoring, you will find that you get bonus cloth drops. These can quickly add up.

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