The standards of beauty, the latest fashions and techniques in makeup are created when actors and makeup artists work together. With an able hands and a fervent desire you can recreate celebrity-like looks. Unfortunately, the makeup artist in bangalore of famous celebrities seldom divulge all of their tricks and tips. Mix the tricks, tips and secrets of makeup artists that you admire. Begin with these top three film star makeup tips, plus one bonus tip for gorgeous lips.

Bonus Star Makeup Secret

Long Lasting Luscious Lips

To ensure that your lipcolor lasts, wear the lipstain underneath the color of your regular lipstick in the same shade. Apply lip color to dry lips, press lips and then Blot. Apply up to six or five coats to get the most impact, then top with the color of your lips. The stain ensures that you’ll have a lip color throughout the day and through the evening. You could go to bed with stained lips , and get up looking stunning. Consider Revlon Simply Bitten Lipstain Crave and finish with a lipglass of your preferred shade from MAC Cosmetic.

Star Makeup Secret 1

Radiant Camera-Ready Skin

From the award ceremony Red carpet to walking on Malibu Beach, celebrities have stunning, camera-ready skin that is flawless whether they wear makeup or not. The celebrities as well as their makeup professionals understand that good makeup begins with beautiful skin. The process of achieving radiant celebrity skin has never been more simple than it is right now. Every day, just two minutes revitalise your skin and exfoliate it, minimizing pores acne and wrinkles, as well as fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen to increase skin density. The secret to glowing skin that shines is gentle microexfoliation, with no need for recovery time. This is Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel created by a New York City cosmetic dermatologist for the fashion-conscious Dr. Dennis Gross. The only peel available on the market that has five distinct Alpha as well as Beta Hydroxy Acids that improve radiance, reduce wrinkles and lines, increase the skin’s density and decrease the size of pores and breakouts Retinol is a powerful ingredient that can speed up the turnover of cells and boost the renewal of cells; phospholipids to keep moisture in the skin; ubiquinone that helps combat harmful free radicals Resveratrol to shield skin from premature ageing; forty-four antioxidants that soothe skin and soothing botanicals to lessen pores and redness. The unique Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is a 2-step, two-minute at-home peel that comes in pads ready to use from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. Experience immediate and stunning glowing results, and see long-term skin appearance improvements after regular usage.

Star Makeup Secret 2

Avoid Cake-Up Makeup

The latest trends in beauty and fashion change and then return. Don’t let the trends cycle get you confused. Be less concerned about re-creating the latest popular makeup trends and focus less on making sure you avoid common makeup errors. The act of putting powder on your face every time you update your makeup can make your face look caked and primed for breakouts in the future. To avoid this cake-up blunder Use blotting papers to absorb oil, reduce pores, and mattify your shining skin. Essentials Shine Eraser from e.l.f. cosmetics will do wonders to your skin. It comes in a handy 50-sheet travel kit for touch-ups when you’re on the move. Sheets that are textured contain Green Tea Extract re-texturize skin and conceal imperfections on the face. They also remove shine and keep your skin smooth for long periods of time. It’s easy to get obsessed with Essentials Sheets for Shine Elimination. For one dollar per fifty sheets in the pack, it’s an affordable cosmetic item.

Star Makeup Secret 3

Chisel Sculpt Define

The cheekbones that are beautifully defined are the ultimate in celebrity glamour. These sculpted cheek bones of famous celebrities can be yours with carefully placed features and contours. To get started with defining your cheek bones choose a bronzer or powder foundation that is one half up to 1 shade deeper than one which matches the tone of your face. Make sure you squeeze your cheeks tightly, and then with a gentle stroke, apply this dark shade to hollows beneath your cheekbones in an upward direction. After that, select an edgy, light shade to highlight. Stick, liquid or powder highlighters can all be used. Blend highlighter using the middle of cheekbone towards the temple. The most expensive highlighter to buy will be Nars The Multiple is a multi-purpose powder-to-cream stick that is available in a variety of shades for just 38 dollars. Copacabana is a shimmering pearl hue is tiniest shades of Nars The Multiple. It highlights cheekbones beautifully. At just one dollar, e.l.f. Essentials All Over Colorstick in Spotlight is comparable the Nars The Multiple in color and quality. Also, add a dash colour to the apples of your cheeks by applying blush made of cream or powder. The highlighter, blush and contour shades must blend seamlessly. Select a blush color keeping this in your head.

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